Sue Ellen



As MiCHELLE would say, those of you in your summer/autumn years of your life will remember ‘Dallas’. Those of you in your spring years, perhaps not. Dallas was a popular and highly cheesy soap opera from the USA back in the 80’s. In this ‘mash-up’ or ‘parody’ (as You-Tubers would say), Olive Poppleton plays her version of SUE ELLEN, a ‘drunk’, and long suffering wife of the ruthless, conniving Texas oil baron, J.R. This film, ‘Who Ate J.R.’s Last Pork Pie’, was filmed on an iPhone 4 in Regents Park back in the day. Oh what fun was had! A special mention goes out to Olive’s late friend, David Evans who plays Jock Ewing, who is greatly missed.

Other Characters

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