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sketchoff 2020

You may have already met MiCHELLE (pronounced Me-shell), or at least met someone like her. Here’s some highlights from her set @RoxCentral Comedy.

Watch how she can’t resist getting the audience to say her fave words!

Awwwww… What lovely WILLING audience at Yellow Comedy!

MiCHELLE likes to tell us about her dating and relationship experiences…

One of MiCHELLE’s relationship and dating experiences. An ‘Adventures d’amour’ that’s a still little hazy…

Here she is at @roxcomedy, a Stand-Up comedy night in North London, telling the audience how she is on the search for a manly, but not too manly man…

Here are video diaries of MiCHELLE’s first incarnation. She’s moved on since then but it’s fascinating how a character develops! Through a series of video diaries, MiCHELLE takes us on a journey in search of love. We accompany her on her mission to find her ideal fella, a Manly (but not too manly) Man. We hear about her highs, her lows and also how she manages to stay so positive in face of rejection and disappointment. Whilst feeling sorry for her, you can’t help but admire MiCHELLE. We’re also lucky to have MiCHELLE share with us some of her observations of manly-kind.

More to follow on MiCHELLE…

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