Chaos Theory

Olive Poppleton is the most beautiful member of Chaos Theory, a character and comedy sketch group. Not only that, she is also the wisest and funniest. Also the most elderly. Chaos Theory members are Yasser Kayani and Neil Benson. All cast members write and perform sketches.

Covid-19 Pandemic Comedy

character and comedy sketch group

A0F4CC50-4E25-4B57-A86A-8D35CB71CCBCMiCHELLE and her manly, but not too manly men. Photo-shoot for Camden Fringe 2019.

3FF112C1-6252-49F9-BCDC-9041006F9EC1“I have nothing to declare but my genius!’ Filming Oscar Wilde.

Once upon a time, Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti (cor blimey, that’s a long-aretti name) was a part of Chaos Theory. She has gone on to do much better things with her time.


Chaos Theory is directed by Stephen Dinsdale. Mr Dinsdale has many a tale to tell. Tales that involve various cast members of East Enders and his lap. He is a very patient man.

Chaos Theory have performed at Camden Fringe 2017-19 and SKETCHOFF 2018 and 2019.






Filming Sketches

Stills from Camden Fringe Show 2017